ArtView May 2015 - Page 60

If You are the One at SBS now and I feel I much more confident in the area, but like anything there is always room for improvement. Still a lot to explore with #SBSPopAsia and we have a pretty epic team so I’m happy to continue to explore the potentials with them for now! More travelling with them too hopefully! goals to prepare for the scene, which included setting time for an acting coach, running the lines a set amount of times a day, and time to forget about it and relax. I auditioned I think 6 times in total over a few months. The producer Julie Eckersley was the true legend though; she moved mountains to give me the chance to come on board. On bigger news, I have been a very loyal viewer of Maximum Choppage on ABC2 TV. From what I have seen on screen, it looks like you have been given the opportunity to work with a really diverse and talented fun team. Can you tell us about the process you underwent to get the role of FURY, and was the audition process hard? How would you describe your character FURY on the show, as a talented actor how did you develop this character after reading the script? At the time every Asian actor in Australia was going for roles on Maximum Choppage and from what I heard a lot of the guys were all going for the same role! The sense of competition definitely set in, so I asked my life coach to help me through the audition process because I was very nervous about it because I wanted it to much. She set out weekly Fury is Villain who knows Martial Arts and has a few signature moves to “Bring out the Fury” RAAAWWRRR! I marked it on the script where he goes crazy and I came up with a few physical Kung fu moves around it. From there I worked it into a particular style and manner for him! Also sitting there and running the lines with my mates always helped to trial a few character traits! In general I prepare for auditions by hiring an acting coach and getting as many opinions on the scene as I can!