ArtView May 2015 - Page 6

In this issue of ArtView: (Click on the image to view the story) ArtView Question: “Are paper books becoming extinct?” – some notable authors give their opinion. Maximum Impact Andy Trieu is making a serious impact in the worlds of acting, comedy and as a TV host – with big plans ahead. Favourite Book: From author Rebecca Lim – also History Making with an extract from her acclaimed Historical Novel Society Australasia looks at the relation new book: The Astrologer’s Daughter. The first conference of the between novelists and historians. Sculpture Elyssa Sykes-Smith creates Publishing figures that give new life and energy to the space they inhabit. An exciting new version of a true classic from Jules Verne – Mikhail Strogoff. Abstract Arctic Expedition artist Danielle Eubank makes a voyage to the Arctic, finding unexpected revelations in the natural world. Poetry Crystal Davis wrote poetry to heal her pain, resulting in an acclaimed collaboration with artist Kylie Fogarty. Scenes Revisited Artist Danielle Hatherley has drawn new inspiration from returning to familiar scenes. Twitter: @ArtViewMag Contact & Advertising: Follow ArtView on Facebook: View/524182367721588