ArtView May 2015 - Page 59

Interviewing Dami Im on PopAsia crime on the radio and TV hit show SBS Popasia) Tell us how that went, was it interesting to see the dynamics of how a dating show works? If you were not hosting a show like this, but were a contestant on the show, how would you promote yourself to all those lovely ladies out there? Filming stuff for #IfYouAreTheOne was heaps of fun because Jamaica and I got to write some cool skits in the beginning of the show! I would love to be on a dating show but probably not “If You Are The One”. The ladies on that show are like sharks! I would to have to ham up my personality and crawl back to some cliché lines like “I love long walks on the beach…” In regards to SBS PopAsia, how do you feel you have grown as a radio host and what are the plans for you as a presenter for them - is this an ongoing journey or are you looking to expand your horizons elsewhere eventually? Radio is definitely a new beast! Lucky to have the guidance from our radio executives and my co-host and they really pushed me out of my comfort zone to take more risks on air. It’s coming up to one year