ArtView May 2015 - Page 57

As the Kitchen Ninja with Alice Zaslavsky on Kitchen Whiz GO TV You’ve done some modelling in the early stages of your career - what was your most memorable photo-shoot and why? What comes to mind is working with a Canberra Photographer, Brent McDonald. We took all kinds of physical Martial Arts based photographs and recreated scenes from old school martial arts movies! It was awesome fun! Also I enjoyed being an Asian face representative for campaigns like Australian of the Year and the Cleo Bachelor Competition! Not sure if I was the best fit but I made the most of it! Asian guys represent! How would you describe your personality on set with other actors, are you generally the happy-golucky type of fella or do you hold a tougher stance? Also, as an individual, what do you feel you bring to every film you are a part of? I know the question usually entails us wanting to know what you personally learn from every project – but I wanted to twist it a little and see what you feel you can offer other people within this industry and what they potentially can gain from working with you? I think I’m a happy kind of guy that enjoys a good laugh... I sometimes wonder why I haven’t grown up much … My mum would definitely agree LOL … but on set SBS PopAsia I’m generally doing something weird or awkward anyway, so I guess I can just really be myself  I do try to be my best self in the work environment though, and I definitely show respect for my fellow actors. What I bring to the table? In every scene in acting or presenting I give my total focus and time to prepare, and I try to make choices that are more risky when I can. But all in all just try to be a genuine human being that is easy to work with! You were recently on “If You are the One” with Jamaica Dela Cruz (who is also your partner in