ArtView May 2015 - Page 56

As an addition, I also competed in Martial Arts for a while, and after having a little winning streak I got scouted to do some Kung Fu choreography that led me into the stunt world, and then eventually the film and TV stuff as well. As an Asian male entertainer trying to make it in this industry, what hurdles have you had to face because of your ethnicity and how did you overcome these challenges? Also, why do you think that casting for Asians hasn’t necessarily been a demand up until now? Finding opportunities is definitely an attitude thing in my opinion. The work is there if you search for it, and if it’s not you can create it, so there is always work to be done as an Actor. I have faced typecasting in the past; for example Kung Fu roles or Doctor roles, etc but I take the opportunity to practice acting and also meet more people in the industry, so I never really minded - plus they are fun to play! Great Asian driven-stories are really getting more publicity now, which really opens a lot of doors for new talent! Also it is becoming very apparent around the world that Australia has a very multicultural society, so hope these ethnic stories continue! When was it that you made the big move to Sydney, and how has that journey been for you? I kept going up for auditions and doing a few gigs here and there, and then heading back to Canberra to do work at Questacon, until I landed my first fulltime theatre show which went for 2 years, called “Shanghai Lady killer”. It included performers from Cirque du soleil and was like a live Kung Fu movie on stage with wire work, flying fights and circus performers! Shortly after the season finished I scored my first long-term TV show contract with “Kitchen Whiz”, that has kept me there for 6 years now, LOL you should all watch it! It’s weekdays at 7:30am on GO, it will keep me employed, thanks! *wink*