ArtView May 2015 - Page 55

Interview by Emma Penelope Chan I first met Andy Trieu on a recent visit to Sydney, where I was lucky enough have a kick-ass Korean dinner with him and some other arts and entertainment professionals. As much as I wanted to throw him questions left, right and centre (like any other seemingly normal fan would) I have to say, keeping my cool and focusing more on that kimchi allowed me the time to prepare all the questions for a later date - which leads me to this exclusive ArtView interview! So Andy – are you ready for some Q&A tennis? Owww! Yes, always ready for a game of Q & A tennis… ;-p First serve, thanks for allowing me this lovely opportunity to interview you on behalf of ArtView magazine! Now, let’s backtrack a little. You’re originally from Canberra – how did you initially get into the entertainment industry? Hello! Well, I sent out 5 emails a day to someone in the entertainment industry, from home in Canberra, asking them to employ me in some way or form, even though I didn’t have any experience at the time, but I was super keen! About 1% of the people got back, but that 1% were the ones who opened a few doors for me. Also, I have to admit I skipped a few University classes at ANU to go to auditions in Sydney. Eventually I landed my first TV role which was playing a serial killer, Sef Gonzales, in Crime Investigations Australia. After some time, I landed a good agent and I could tell my parents I was going to stop jigging University classes, which made them really happy until they realised I would now take an entire University Semester break! (Oops!)