ArtView May 2015 - Page 51

Photograph (2a) On a trip to Italy about ten years ago, I was of course snapping the vast Tuscan landscape at every turn. Yet it was the simple shapes within the landscape that most attracted me. One photo I took was far from a great photo, yet I was mesmerized by the soft texture and tone of the olive trees pitched against the darker, more imposing cypress trees. Image (2a) shows the photo behind the start of Olive and Cypress. After deciding on my cropped composition, I started with a charcoal and acrylic paint drawing (2b). In keeping with my exploration of light against dark, I created my own dramatized lighting. I was pretty happy with this drawing. It captured the essence of the light and texture in the scene, as well as the movement that I see in light. I did in fact see this drawing as so complete, that I didn‟t try painting it for a few years. Drawing (2b)