ArtView May 2015 - Page 48

Drawing (1b) afternoon I took my photographer‟s crayon and started looking at tiny cropped in sections of the photograph. In photograph (1a) you will see that I marked several shapes. I initially drew this vertically before making a landscape format sketch, as shown at (1b) This drawing (1b) became the basis for my first painting of Gosford Afternoon. I destroyed that painting and have no photos to show of it. It wasn‟t a good painting, as not all of them are. I didn‟t paint Gosford Afternoon again for three or four years. I moved on to other paintings. Yet at a certain stage I ended up feeling that the time was right to look into Gosford Afternoon again. I am not sure why it happens this way. It could be that after years have passed I sense that I have a better understanding of how to put down what I am trying to express, and that I can potentially get closer to that vision – so I optimistically dive in again! I feel that Gosford Afternoon, shown here at (1c) and created five years ago, was a turning point for my painting at that time. I was able to capture the movement and energy that I was after, without being overly attached to the original photograph.