ArtView May 2015 - Page 46

Artist Danielle Hatherley takes us on a journey to the beginnings of her creative life, and tells how she has found new inspiration in revisiting familiar scenes. I often have people ask me, “where do you get the ideas for your paintings?” My first thought normally is, “boy, where do I start?” because in many ways, every painting has been a part of a long, winding and interconnected road. If I look back to the start of that road, I can clearly see that my first true spark of inspiration for painting came about on the first day that I painted outdoors, in the landscape. Prior to that I was a flakey art school student who was far from inspired in life drawing class. So I had found my first love – the landscape! From there, after a few years of committed plein air painting, it became more and more evident that backlit scenes were of most interest to me. I loved late afternoon scenes of Balmoral Beach or Sydney Harbour that were flooded with light. As many artists do, I was taking reference photos often and I started