ArtView May 2015 - Page 32

The Tempest Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe WA 2015 UPDATE: Elyssa Sykes-Smith has been named as winner of the Sculpture at Scenic World Award 2015 Sculpture at Scenic World Project 2015 “A Canopy of Thoughts” is a site-specific installation that evolves around the notion of a grasped moment of clarity amongst the haze of uncertainty. Every single person exists with a network of thoughts, of crisscrossing ideas, dilemmas and dreams that they generate and carry along with them consciously and subconsciously. In sculpture the physical evokes the emotional: Expressed visually these thoughts form a canopy above us – simultaneously protecting and blocking us. The protagonist in the artwork peers up into the overwhelming canopy of thoughts and in a moment of clarity reaches up to connect with a focused idea. We, as the protagonists in our own lives, become the roots for these thoughts to become formed ideas which can then be acted upon.