ArtView May 2015 - Page 28

Momentum The Lab, Art Pharmacy, Sydney Fringe Festival 2014 ARTIST STATEMENT My work is founded on the principle that the simple pose or gesture of a figure has great communicative and expressive power. I am interested in translating, as opposed to imitating, the figure to suggest embodied human experience. I aim to develop my figurative sculptures into more abstracted forms through an exploration and deconstruction of space, movement, form and plane using a broad range of processes and materials like modeling and casting with metals and constructing in timber to express how it feels to be in a body. I am currently focusing in on the exciting avenue of Site-specific sculpture. Responding to spaces intuitively and exploring natural and architectural sites is a strong focus for my sculptural work. When the sculpture not only responds to, but brings a site alive, a dynamic relationship is created between the viewer, artwork and surrounding environment.