ArtView June 2014 - Page 42

Review by Nazam Anhar Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak was co- childhood memories as the Brothers Grimm. Almost more of a fairytale character than a real human. The filmmakers visit Sendak at his home in rural directed by Lance Bangs and Spike Connecticut. When Sendak appears he soon reveals Jonze, who also made the film version of himself to be a wonderfully eccentric and irascible Where the Wild Things Are. character. He has little sentimentality about children. The advice he offers to young people is: “Quit this life as soon as possible. Get out, get out.” His physical presence is arresting – at 80 years old, he is full of manic energy. His restless eye-rolling Though this film was released in 2009, I first and grimaces recall one of the “Wild Thing” saw it when it screened recently on Australian monsters. He would have made a great comic actor. television. I was instantly captivated. I had never Doubtlessly, he enjoys playing up to his before seen film of Maurice Sendak – to me he was curmudgeonly image. only a name, as mysterious and rich in evocation of His view of life is pessimistic, utterly bleak. Speaking of his acclaimed body of work, he refuses to