ArtView June 2014 - Page 39

Hong Kong is rich enough to return to stories and legends of the Chinese life and living. The writer Han Han stands origins of China and Chinese people by the Yellow out as a great example but there are many. River and sites such as the unusual Immortal Bridge Alex Soong, the primary investigator, is from an on Mount Tai important but understated political background, but ( has chosen to be a police officer. Educated abroad The journey of my leading criminal is and a jazz lover, he takes the view that looking counterpointed with that of the leading detective. I’d forward is more important than looking back, spent a lot of time in China from 1987 to 1996 and particularly in a Chinese context where history and feel lucky to have witnessed its emergence from tradition are long and deep, but also where progress Maoism and poverty. During the last decade, there are until very recently has also often been a dirty word. In things that I liked that have been lost, such as Chinese fine art for instance, it was the apprentice’s innocence of wealth and broad corruption, but task to imitate the master, not to learn in order to through making a documentary on Hip Hop in China, pursue his own creations. I believe in the idea that the which essentially explored individuality, I was future must not pay for the past, and I hope the story impressed to find elements of the new generation of explores this through the Chinese narrative, where it Chinese (beyond just Hip Hop) who though still small has been so disputed, as well as being a good read. embrace and create a modern interpretation of