ArtView June 2014 - Page 33

Rachael with her mentor Delta Goodrem on The Voice You first made an impact on The Voice singing La person complimenting your own writing compared to Vie en Rose, by Edith Piaf. Do you have a special a cover; it’s so much more personal. affinity for Edith Piaf as a singer? I LOVE Edith Piaf! Her voice and soul will always be beautiful, no matter what era you are in. Such a classic. Do you see yourself as a role model for young girls? What kind of influence would you like to have for your fans? I would like to think I’m a role model especially to You also write your own music. What would you anyone struggling with a disability. I want to show like to achieve as a songwriter? everyone that when you love to do something, there I hope for my songs to one day reach out to people. I want to have an impact and change lives through the music I write, like the people I’ve always admired. I think music is powerful and can make a gargantuan difference. There’s something different about a should be almost nothing that stands in your way. While I understand my limits (I could never be a surgeon!), I also don’t give up on something if I haven’t tried it yet and I want to.