ArtView June 2014 - Page 32

job to make sure everyone is aware of the work the I had never heard of Can-Do-Musos before, but I’m RSB are doing and make appearances at the events to so grateful I found out when they asked to feature a help the cause in any way I can. I’ve experienced the profile for me on their site. There are so many difference they can make, being a client of theirs, so touching, inspiring and beautiful stories, and to be it’s a cause very close to my heart. The RSB Guide amongst them is an honour. I was literally in tears Dog service is just one of many services they can reading them all. Unfortunately, the reality for a offer to blind and vision impaired people. Hopefully I musician with a disability is that people judge them can help them grow as an organisation as they’ve before they even start showing their skills, either too helped me grow as a person. generously or too harshly. You wouldn’t know it if they were on the radio, so it really is irrelevant in the music world. This site gives us the chance to share the story behind the artist, and give promotion to people who might not get it otherwise. How has your life changed since appearing on The Voice? Life is completely different! I was in year 12 before The Voice, wondering where life would take me. I’d tried out for shows like it before and never achieved much, so I was stunned at finishing third. Now I’m travelling all over Australia and the world performing and doing what I love to do best. I definitely wouldn’t have had the same opportunities if it wasn’t for The Voice. Have you found it difficult to be so well-known publicly? Are there any drawbacks involved? I am always flattered when people come up to me in the street and ask for a photo or an autograph. It’s Rachael and Ella actually a really nice feeling for me to know that I’m making an impact big enough for people to do that. I You have a profile on the “Can-Do-Musos” site feel like I’ve fit right in to the public eye, and it’s ( – what does it mean to where I’m supposed to be. There are no drawbacks you to be a part of that? that aren’t worth overcoming for the rewards I’m given.