ArtView June 2014 - Page 30

Was it a challenge to give your own personal interpretation of these songs, which are such classic and well-known works? This was the most difficult part. I knew I needed to make them sound like my own, but my heart was telling me to stay true to what the Beatles intended as much as possible. In the end, I’m happy with the resulting balance. I tried to capture the emotion of each song and sing it as my own. Hopefully that shines through to the audience. How is this album different from your earlier recordings? Some of the songs on this album are completely out of my comfort zone, so I showed a side of my artistry that isn’t normally on display. I also worked very closely with the producers to get the sound that I could hear in my head, and learn from their I found speech pathology in year 12 when I was experience in the business, whereas in the past I’ve let having some problems with my singing voice. I others take the reins more in the production side. thought it was closely related to singing, so I applied for the course thinking I couldn’t make a career out of You have said that Here Comes the Sun is the most music. I got accepted into this course, but I took a gap raw of all your albums. Why is that? Was the year to pursue music just in case I could make it recording process very different? work. In that year, The Voice happened and I also This album was the fastest album I’ve ever made! The took the next year off to continue working on my recording time alone was just 3 days to record the 13 music career. Since this was the last year I could tracks with the intro and ending. It’s raw because not defer, I decided to try to balance both music and uni only were the songs foreign for me vocally, but the life. I’m basically just doing it to learn some recordings finished up sounding like live interesting things, not so much to enter into the performances. profession at the end, because I’m hoping to be able to do music forever. The music industry is all I ever You also started studying speech pathology at really want to work in. Nothing else could ever university this year. What made you interested in compare. this field?