ArtView June 2014 - Page 29

Rachael Leahcar came to national attention when she reached the grand final of the first Australian series of The Voice. Since then she has recorded three successful albums, as well continuing her work as an ambassador for the Royal Society for the Blind. Your new album Here Comes the Sun is a collection of songs from the Beatles. Has the music of the Beatles always been an important part of your life? I went through all of the Beatles songs on Wikipedia and picked out the ones I liked the most, and thought I’ve always known of the Beatles but never realised would suit my voice. I narrowed it down with the how great they were until a few years ago. One day I producers Peter Dacy and David Cameron and came just decided to play my mum’s CDs of their greatest up with a list of songs that gelled together. Let It Be in hits, and it opened my eyes to a whole new world. particular had a very special meaning because it was Their songs go from deep, meaningful ballads to fun, my online audition song for The Voice. I also boppy party songs. They could write about anything recorded Imagine and Blackbird for the Romantique and make it a hit. I really look up to them for that. album but they didn’t quite make it on there, so I’m glad they got the opportunity to be heard. The Can you tell us more about the particular songs collection of tracks on Here Comes the Sun are some you chose for the album, and whether they have a of my favourite songs to sing. special meaning for you?