ArtView June 2014 - Page 23

Sumon working at the Jason Derulo concert in Canberra, with special effects artist James Moudakis and other entertainment projects within Australia and internationally. Apart from acting, I am a casting director in the Several news sources and magazines in Myanmar have published stories and features about my life and work in showbiz, which I am grateful for. It means so Canberra film industry who also works as an MC and much to me to receive this recognition from the event host. I recently worked on Jason Derulo’s country where I was born. I’m an Australian citizen concert in Canberra. and Australia is my home, but I hope that one day I At the international level, I have produced some TV commercials in Asia for clients from Europe. In 2013, I made a few trips to Myanmar with a British- will be able to apply for a dual citizenship so I can be part of Myanmar again. Acting is what I enjoy doing most. It has allowed Lebanese Director Hiram J Na’man and his team me to fulfil the dreams I had in childhood, to express from The Fantastic Film Factory, a well-known film myself creatively and engage with people as an company from the Middle East, and produced a series entertainer. of TV commercials for their German clients. I have also done voiceover work for overseas clients. I also get some satisfaction from producing and casting for films. This gives me the opportunity to