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Winter Anthology (2013) When we came to Australia, I began my studies at the University of Canberra. I very much wanted to people who taught me to treat others with respect, kindness and compassion. study filmmaking but my first priority was to get a job Through it all, I never gave up on my dream to in some organisation as soon as I finished my degree, become an actress and tried finding ways to branch out and I wasn’t sure how the film industry in Australia into the entertainment industry. I never had the chance worked. The only degree that would allow me to be to get any formal qualifications in acting or film creative and follow my interests was Advertising and production. I learned my craft through watching other Marketing. So I graduated with a bachelor degree in professionals, taking online lessons and doing practical that field. work on film sets. I worked in a few sales and admin jobs after I I first began working in the Australian film and graduated... they were not my kind of work, but they media industry as an actress in early 2012. My first helped pay the rent and bills. I was also saving money official shoot was an online advertisement video for a so I could look after my parents, my aunts and my software company. I also met Canberra’s much childhood nanny who babysat me when I was a kid. respected actor, director and producer Graham Gall My parents worked extremely hard to give me a good who gave me great advice when I first started. I scored education and childhood, with so much support from one gig after another after that, and have been my aunts and grandparents. The love we have for each continuing to work in the industry since then. other is something that drives me to do my best in I have starred in and worked on numerous short taking care of them and giving them a comfortable life. films, feature films, advertisements, TV commercials, I’m very close to my mother and my aunts, the main educational programs, photo shoots, corporate videos