ArtView June 2014 - Page 20

Sumon is a multilingual Australian actress, model, producer, casting director, event host and voiceover artist. She was born in Yangon, Burma and lives in Australia with her family. I was born in Myanmar (Burma), known as the Golden Land to many, and when I came into the world, my parents chose to name me Sumon, which means “a blessing” or “a wish” in Burmese. My family left Myanmar for the USA due to my Dad’s work when I was 2 years old. We lived in the USA, Vietnam, Myanmar and Switzerland, and travelled to many different countries until I turned 17. From the time I was a child, I always had a strong passion for acting, storytelling, films and creativity. drawn to movies like Return of the Jedi, Cloak and When I was living in New York City as a young child, Dagger, The NeverEnding Story, Ghostbusters, I spent a lot of time watching TV after school – and Gremlins and Karate Kid – all of which led me to while I was doing that, I wasn’t just watching stuff, I want to become an actress later in life. I have been was also taking notes and creating alternative scenes writing stories, poems and storyboards since I was 5 and endings in my mind so that one day, if I got the years old. chance to be an actress or a film producer or a At that time, we didn’t have any actors or creative screenwriter, I could try inventing something just as artists in my family other than my uncle Dr Myint, interesting. who is currently the Chief Presidential Advisor to the When I was watching movies or animated films as Myanmar President U Thein Sein. My uncle is very a child, I watched them in a way that I became the fond of music and is an excellent guitarist who has character in the story, and remembered most of the quite a big collection of music records at his place. He lines by heart. It was during the 80s so I was also used to play a few songs to me when I was a kid.