ArtView June 2014 - Page 17

The Hollywood Comedy Store I started off doing improvisational comedy, back was pressured into an open mic night, I was nowhere home in Jacksonville, FL, USA, with the Mad near ready, and man, was that brutal. The only Cowford improv group, and joined LA Connection audience I had was the other comedians on the list Comedy when I moved to Los Angeles, CA, USA. that were waiting their turn. Yeah – they’re not gonna Improv is where I’m most comfortable, mostly laugh unless it’s REAL funny. Nothing like trying to because there’s nothing like sharing the stage with be funny in front of people that are trying to be funny friends, cutting loose, having fun, no judgments too. I had no idea what I was up against. (except from the crowd), and there’s the golden rule. The first and only two open mics I ever did, We live and die (on stage) by the rule. Stand-up thankfully, kind of blurred together. I had a few topics comedy, on the other hand, was a completely jotted down on my arm the first time, don’t remember different beast, that never have I ever wanted, what it was, and the second time I had typed notes in imagined, or thought about doing. Therefore, when I my phone (good job), but didn’t think about how to deliver the information. Didn’t really ‘prepare’