ArtView June 2014 - Page 16

Christin Easterling is an actor, artist and comedian who lives in Los Angeles. She recently performed her first stand-up gig at the Hollywood Comedy Store. Ya know that kid who was always making odd faces, posing all adult-like with a scrunched face wearing a ‘cheese smile’ for the camera, and had the best, ‘but please?!?!?!’, face you’ve ever seen? Yep. Guilty. Just had to be the center of attention, even if that meant I had to work harder to be the best and earn the attention. It started well before becoming the middle child – so can’t really blame it on that. I’ve Using comedy has helped me to stand up for always been a ham from day one. Not really the black myself in clever ways. Learned early on, in awkward sheep either – more like a wool tie-dye afro. I’ve situations, use comedy to ease the tension – and I’ve always wanted an afro. had enough of those to last two lifetimes. I like to find While being a part of several sports teams and the funny in life, no matter how dark the mood or performing arts as a child, I never really figured out subject. Laugh thru the pain, it helps! We’re all just how to fit in... so I eventually found the group that squirrels trying to find a nut in this world - stuck out. Formed that connection that makes friends, interesting, weird, and highly complex, with habits, friends! Being funny together and figuring out what issues, and quirks that are a delicately hardwired, you think is funny through shared experiences that no case-by-case ordeal. THAT is funny. Making those one else can have. As a comedian, I like to share issues lighthearted and relatable, allows people to those experiences and make them relatable to the connect thru laughing. That’s why ‘a show about masses. And, quite honestly, it’s building my nothing’ (Seinfeld) did so well. confidence and keeps me humble.