ArtView June 2014 - Page 15

but that is why God (or was it Steve Jobs?) created #Q3. Two tweets I remember really made me the "block" option. laugh. #Q2. I don't really use any material from my routines in Tweets. I usually write jokes that are topical and have a very short shelf life. It allows me One was by @jimmycarr that read: 'Leanne Rimes. No it doesn't' to get some jokes out there that are fun for the day, Another was retweeted by a comic friend in the US but nothing I really want to hang onto or explore in that read: 'People who listen to Pitbull get a bad rap' a routine. #Q3. To be honest I don't have any particular favourites when it comes to Tweets. I'm more likely to retweet pictures of kittens or baby animals being adorable. Invariably I read funny tweets by people like Patton Oswalt or Wil Anderson and laugh in the moment, but by the time it comes to remembering them I'm already looking at pictures of baby hippos. Tim Ferguson: @withtimferguson #Q1. It's free. Comedians are obsessively frugal (we never know if our jokes will dry up) so Twitter's a prudent selling tool. Many Australians hate to be seen selling (the convict-streak at work) – Twitter allows a brief and painless broadcast of gigs with minimal evidence we do this for a living. Dave Thornton: @dave_thorno I have no shame selling, but enjoy the subterfuge of understatement Twitter offers. #Q1. It's free advertising, and because people have #Q2. I generate Twitter-specific material – one- actively followed you promotion is encouraged and liners, parody headlines, anomalous questions – so not seen as an annoyance, i.e. a pop up ad on it's no hassle at all. The discipline of being amusing YouTube. Also, through trial and error I've found in 140 characters forces any gags to be punchy and out it's easier than calling individual people up and clear. I like that discipline, keep it sharp. cheaper than skywriting. #Q2. I'm fine with it. Twitter forces you to be productive, so put a joke out there, burn it and it'll force you to write another one (hopefully better). #Q3. Wil Anderson @Wil_Anderson ‘Farnsey snubbed as judge on The Voice after he told every contestant they were the voice and got mad that they didn't try to understand it.’