ArtView June 2014 - Page 14

We ask some of Australia’s most popular comedians how they use Twitter, and the #Q3. What is one of your favourite Tweets from a comedian? place it has in their career. This one from @mydanimarie still makes me laugh: 911 what's your emergency? I FARTED ON THE FIRST DATE. Ma'am we don't-IT SOUNDED LIKE A BALLOON ANIMAL ASKING A QUESTION Tom Ballard: @TomCBallard #Q1. How important is Twitter as a way for comedians to promote their work? It all depends on how you use it, really. I think the occasional plug for your shows in amongst hilarious observations about Facebook and genitals is OK, but you don't want to punish people every day about Justin Hamilton: @justinhamilton_ every single gig ever, otherwise it just becomes boring noise. #Q1. Twitter is very important, because it allows comedians to take back the power that publishers #Q2. How do you feel about using your material once wielded. In the past you were reliant on in Tweets? having to curry favour with editors of newspapers and street press journalists to have any hope of I'll very rarely take existing material and tweet it, promoting yourself to the public. Now with social but it often works in reverse. Because you have to media and Twitter in particular, you can bypass the be so economical with twitter, it can often help you traditional methods of promotion by cutting out the boil down jokes and polish them into sweet little middle man and just get straight to your fans. Of one-liners that you'll be prepared to try out onstage. course this can work against you as people who I interpret retweets as laughs. Over 50 of 'em is a standing ovation. want to have a crack also have a direct line to you – but not only are those people few and far between,