ArtView June 2014 - Page 12

My new TV show is comical, fun, bright and How have you found the experience of trying to controversial, following my real life day to day. My sell your show as a pilot around the world? work, friends, where I play, eat, sleep and drink. Mixed in with the day to day dramas of the world, like getting my nails done, seeing the dentist, or trying to match-make my two GBF’s – all a part of the new, fun and exciting series of Krystle Live. Stay I don’t do anything. My management is on the case. I just sit back and wait for the calls. London, Italy, USA, Asia, New Zealand – wherever they need me to be, I go. tuned for all the juicy entertainment. What are your goals for the future? How will this show be different from other Do you have a spare 10 million you can lend me…? entertainment shows? What are its unique So I can make a movie, as Russell has agreed to play aspects? the lead role. Actually with Russell in it, I probably I am in it. Hello! You will just have to watch and see. need 20 million. Here are my account details: Bank of McGill How will social media be integrated with the BSB: 007. Account Number: Hottie McGill format of your show? Watch the KGRAMS, you’ll see.