ArtView June 2014 - Page 10

Have you had any surprising moments with the celebrities you have met? Has anyone turned out to be different from the way you expected? When Russell Brand threw me in his arms, grabbed me into his chest and then kissed me. This was a surprising but amazing feeling. He was virtually 15 minutes late on stage, as he was too busy backstage smooching me up. Who was the person you were most awestruck to meet? Meeting Angelina Jolie’s father Jon Voight was an awestruck moment, backstage at the HBO party in LA. Nobody gives up their Golden Globe on Globe night, as the golden statue is the entry into every party. Except for Voight – he certainly gave it up for me, as I passed him my microphone, with him turning the tables by interviewing me on stage. Who is the celebrity you would most like to interview if you could, and why? I would have to say Mark Wahlberg, but this will come true when I interview him next week on the red carpet. What are the qualities you need to be a good entertainment reporter? Research is the key to being a great entertainment reporter. Before I set foot on any red carpet around the world, I have done weeks of research growing my knowledge of my target. Let the hunger games begin.