ArtView January 2016 - Page 56

demeaning their message, which might be about how they discovered planets forming for the first time around distant stars. So once again, you can get in trouble for that too. Have you ever been attacked or criticised for your clothing choices? Oh, I have been hay-bailed on every possible topic you could mention. Wow, I wouldn’t have imagined that, but I guess you being a public figure it’s probably unavoidable, I suppose? Well, you’re an easy target. If I stick to the facts on climate change, I’ll get attacked by the denialists. And then there’s that whole thing of, you know, in America the Truthers and Birthers. It turns out that 40% of Republicans are Birthers, referring to that particular belief that President Obama was not born in the United States of America. And on the other side, 40% of Democrats are Truthers, they think that the 9/11 attacks were set off by the government as a false-flag event. Here’s the real twist on top of that: the whole Birther thing was set off by Hillary Clinton’s people, as a direct attack upon a fellow Democrat running for the Presidency, over Barack Obama. They set it off, Hillary Clinton's people started that up. It was picked up by the Republicans who loved it. It shows you what an irrational world we live in. Yeah, definitely, especially with American politics it seems to get pretty insane sometimes. Yeah, the way things are going at the moment it’s looking as though it will be a choice between Trump and Hillary Clinton – in other words, between the crazy and the greedy. I can’t believe Trump is still running to be honest; he seems like just too much of a joke for people to keep supporting him. This is very bizarre. Well, yes, when he says stuff that’s obviously wrong. But remember that he’s got 30% of the Republican vote at the moment, then Ben Carson, the neurosurgeon, has got 20% and he said that the pyramids were used by the Egyptians to store grain. Now, they’re not hollow, but the reason he said that is because it’s mentioned in Exodus in The Bible. By saying that, he’s putting out a message to all Evangelicals, vote for me because I am truly Evangelical and I believe The Bible, literally. Trump looks like he’s going to get the American nomination. But who knows what’s going to happen further down the line. And the relationship between facts and what he says is pretty well zero. Do you always wear colourful outfits, or do you "dress down" when you're not working? When I’m on stage, I wear the colourful clothing and then whenever I’m at the university, most of the time I will wear colourful clothing because I’m kind of on stage. The doors open for students, they walk past, I’ve got to be in that role. At home, I’ll just wear daggy brown stuff when I’m doing the gutters and cleaning the roof, doing some housework and mowing the lawn. I wouldn’t wear bright clothing for that, it's too precious because my wife makes the shirts, it takes three hours (as I mentioned) and the shirts can be worn for between 5 and 30 wears before they get too faded. So I try to think about making them last longer, by not to wearing them out too often. When I’m onstage with a big audience, I try to wear something really recent and bright and snappy.