ArtView January 2016 - Page 54

haven’t bothered to make it accurate. If they had showed it as faded, I wouldn’t have bought it. But we do love Doctor Who, although – do you watch Doctor Who? Yeah, I have watched it. Are you finding it increasingly incomprehensible? Yeah I think it’s the common criticism, I think that since Russel T Davies left that everyone’s complaining about the direction it’s gone. I love science fiction. I think it’s very mind expanding. Doctor Who had some sort of science-y-fiction-y element to it but now it’s become incomprehensible, I have no idea what they’re saying! Yeah, I feel as though they’re going towards a more pseudo-science-fiction… Well, it’s something. All I want to do is understand the story, but all they do is talk amongst themselves, and I’m like “Did you understand that?” – “No, did you?” – “What was that about?” – “I don’t know... ” Do you have a fashion icon that you admire, or favourite themes for the design of your outfits? Well, my daughter is in fashion. She’s working for Bonds as a junior designer for Zippies, like onesies, but Zippies for little babies. So I sort of get advice from my wife and from her. And then they read their way through all these fashion magazines, so I’ve learned all these names like Westlake, and you look through Vogue, but I’m way behind the eight-ball... So with your own shirts, is there anything you look for? Like nerdy and colourful? Or is it more whatever you find that appeals to you? It doesn’t have to be nerdy, but it helps. I have one shirt that has nothing but equations on it. Colourful, bright, a sense of humour, smile on the face of the viewer, not agro, basically whatever will make people happy is the main idea I’ve got. I remember being 16 in Wollongong, walking down the main street of Wollongong on a rainy day in winter and everybody was dressed in grey. There was this woman wearing bright clothing, and she kind of weaved through the crowd, they were all smiling around her. And it was this really nice vibe for me. That was one of my goals – to make people happy by wearing bright clothing. Some of your shirts feature designs from Dr Seuss. Is he an author you particularly admire? Oh, he has a wonderful sense of writing, of rhythm and rhyme and I share some of his prejudices, so therefore I admire him because he has the same prejudices that I have. Are there any other authors or artists who have influenced your style? I’d have to say the Hawaiian shirt – at a big, fundamental level. A shirt with bright things on it, exotic vibes, sunny weather, people doing sporty, outdoors-y things, things that I love in pictures. It gets a little bit tricky though when you have females on the shirt. I remember the case of the guy who was in mission control for one of the recent space launches, and he was wearing a shirt that had women in different stages of exotic clothing