ArtView January 2016 - Page 31

people like Clare Moore, who worked with Dave Graney, she came in and played marimba and xylophone cause that's very much the sound that I wanted, Jack Howard from Hunters and Collectors... we started to bring in other people like Bruce Haymes (from Paul Kelly's band), and my husband Claude Carranza who plays with the Black Sorrows. Also Pete Farnan, from Boom Crash Opera, he and I go way back, when we did an EP back in 2000 under the moniker of Basic Daughter, which we produced together... St Kilda fish shop. I just thought, well a lot of the people who play on the album have played with me there, so that's where the name is from... but everything's a collective now, it's like when you get a red car, everyone's got one – don't you think? And when I launched the album in Melbourne they were all available to play, so we had this awesome band, with 18 people on stage, just incredible! We're doing another one on the 19th December so I figured they're all available on that Saturday night... We can't wait to come up to Sydney – we're doing it at the end of February, and we'll go on to Brisbane... I've known him for nearly 20 years and he and Deb are very dear friends. They have always been big supporters of my music. Hugh posting my album to his social media pages was incredible. He has an obscene number of followers, I believe 40 million!! The name of the band is Fish Shop Collective, which is my nod to the fact that where I sing is actually a fish shop, because Claypots is a renowned fish restaurant and Renan affectionately refers to it as the There are collectives everywhere! But you received some very nice support on the release of the album from your friend Hugh Jackman. How long have you known Hugh, and what did having his support mean to you? As I said, I really did like the album. Do you think there's something that a mature artist, if I can use that term... Well I am!