ArtView January 2016 - Page 28

Alyce Platt with Rebecca Bana, Eric Bana and Deborra-Lee Furness at the launch of Funny Little World Photo by JIMLEEPHOTO.COM I just want you to know I've still got my celebrity Sale of the Century Longines watch, thank you for that! Have you really? Did I give it you? Was I doing the gift shop then? Yes, it was about 1990. I remember we had a chat backstage... Now back to you, which is what this is about, not my watches... What did you want to achieve with the latest album? Because you've put out other albums and this one's really intriguing, there's lots of different textures and moods... what did you want to express with this? Well the previous one, the album before this was called Beautiful Death, and that was very obscure... I don't know if you've heard that one, it's really quite soundscapey. I teamed up with a very alternative young gentleman, who's in a band called the Hungry Ghost who were signed by Sonic Youth. That album got a lot of rave reviews, but I reckon about two people heard it. That was me being very experimental. And then what happened – people were saying how come it took so long – I got married, my husband is a musician and he had three children, and then I lost my dad and my brother, so things happened in life to me that sort of took me... I wasn't in that space of getting my guitar out and musing... Then I was burning to get back there and write and perform. I say to people this album has been three years in the making, because it was three years ago that I approached Renan Goksin, the manager of a place called Claypots, who puts on live music every day in St Kilda, which is just awesome and really supportive. Mostly jazz, and what I do isn't – it's got a pastiche of all sorts of genres, but it's more kind of adult, "melancholy pop" is what I like to call it. I was road-testing a few things, I was playing around with some covers and writing some songs, putting