ArtView January 2016 - Page 27

Photo by Rebecca Bana Photography like your daughter to come in and audition for this campaign... From that I just went on to landing high profile television gigs. So that's sort of how it went under the radar, I think. Then when I was doing Sale of the Century, Tony Barber, who is a singer of sorts, always wanted me to sing with him. But we were musically very different and I was a lot, lot younger than him, so that was kind of a bit awkward... I did do a couple of things reluctantly, then I think at one stage Sony offered me a record deal – they wanted me to do "Alyce Platt sings her favourite love songs", and I knew I didn't want to do that... I was still developing as a songwriter and creative artist, but I didn't really have a voice as such. That took a while to come through, the way I wanted to come through with my music.