ArtView January 2016 - Page 26

Interview by Anthony Ackroyd Alyce Platt achieved fame through her acting roles on high-rating television dramas and as a presenter on the popular quiz show Sale of the Century. Her talents as a singer and songwriter are now being recognised with the release of her new album, Funny Little World. Congratulations on your new album Alyce, it's really wonderful! Oh, thanks Anthony! You're someone maybe a bit like me who does several things – but sometimes people don't know about some of the things... That's absolutely correct, yeah. Sometimes you're more well-known for prime-time television, or that kind of thing. So how have you kept your musical identity alive over the years, because it's really strong, it's really a wonderful gift... Well I started out very young as a songwriter and a singer. I got my first guitar when I was 8, so that was very much who I was. I was that annoying kid at school who used to get up at school assembly, they used to roll me out for all sorts of concerts and events... In year 10 I left the school that I was in and auditioned for a school that had a tertiary orientation program, which was like a soft version of doing year 12, and I majored in drama and music. When I was studying there I did a demo at the education department for music with some of my songs, and somebody said you'd be really good as a session singer. I had no idea what that was then, when I was 16. Then he introduced me to somebody at Clemenger Harvie (I had no idea who they were). I got on the train without telling my parents, went in and had a meeting with the head of the advertising agency. I didn't know I was doing that, it was just gumption and curiosity. While I was there I did the audition and they said, oh maybe a few more years singing before you can do that - but we're casting this really big ad. It was the Brooke Shields ad for Calvin Klein jeans. I got that gig, and that's sort of how it started. By the time I got home on the train my parents were furious because the producers had phoned them and said we'd really