ArtView January 2016 - Page 24

happy is the main idea I‟ve got... I remember being 16 in Wollongong, walking down the main street of Wollongong on a rainy day in winter and everybody was dressed in grey. There was this woman wearing bright clothing, and she kind of weaved through the crowd, they were all smiling around her. And it was this really nice vibe for me. That was one of my goals – to make people happy by wearing bright clothing. Do you always wear colourful outfits, or do you "dress down" when you're not working? When I‟m on stage, I wear the colourful clothing and then whenever I‟m at the university, most of the time I will wear colourful clothing because I‟m kind of on stage. The doors open for students, they walk past, I‟ve got to be in that role. At home, I‟ll just wear daggy brown stuff when I‟m doing the gutters and cleaning the roof, doing some housework and mowing the lawn. I wouldn‟t wear bright clothing for that, it's too precious because my wife makes the shirts, it takes three hours (as I mentioned) and the shirts can be worn for between 5 and 30 wears before they get too faded. So I try to think about making them last longer, by not wearing them out too often. When I‟m onstage with a big audience, I try to wear something really recent and bright and snappy. Wow, that’s quite fast. Oh, man, it was so impressive! I was amazed by how good she was. Do you have a fashion icon that you admire, or favourite themes for the design of your outfits? Well, my daughter is in fashion. She‟s working for Bonds as a junior designer for Zippies, like onesies, but Zippies for little babies. So I sort of get advice from my wife and from her. And then they read their way through all these fashion magazines, so I‟ve learned all these names like Westlake, but I‟m way behind the eigh B