ArtView January 2016 - Page 23

bodies. Having more hair on our bodies meant that protein that was meant to be for the hair couldn‟t go into our brains, and we‟d never have our big brains. So the evolutionary decision was to have less hair and more brains – but less hair means that you‟d then have to invent clothing, to insulate yourself from the environment, which is what we did. Are you aiming to make a statement by the way you dress? Yes, of course you do! Everybody does. To some degree, women more than men, on average, but you‟re making a statement of: “this is who I am, this is how I feel, this is how I exist in this world which is around me.” Not just me as an empty identity, I‟m also me: the person who dresses like this. By dressing like this I‟m making a statement of how I expect the world to treat me and how I want to treat the world. Has your style changed over the years? And in what ways? On one hand, doing the media stuff, I‟d dress up nice and bright and have exactly as much fun as I‟d feel like. On the other hand, when I‟m doing a corporate speaking event, there is the essential thing of playing the game of pretending to be like your host. So I‟d wear a suit and shiny new black trousers and a suit coat, but I‟ll never wear a tie. I always wear my bright shirts, so even in the middle of my corporate amour I‟d still manage to sneak in a little bit of renegade. It makes it easy, best of both worlds. Well it shows respect to your host.... I do try to show respect to the audience, so if I‟m talking to a bunch of pharmacologists or pharmacology students at university I‟ll wear one of my shirts that‟s got a whole bunch of pills on it. If I‟m talking to agricultural students, I‟ll wear a shirt with little animals on it. If I‟m talking to engineers, I‟ll wear my Japanese Shinkensen shirt materials that we bought in Shinjuku station in Tokyo, Japan. Is it true that you make your own shirts? No, no, my wife makes my shirts. There are many rumours, as probably you have guessed yourself, that go around but my wife makes my shirts and I help her. I ask many incriminating things, like “why did you turn that inside out?” and “why is that doing that?” and I'm gradually picking up knowledge, but my wife is different. Recently we were doing a photo-shoot for Spinifex and the brief was for something „Christmas-y‟. So my wife got up at 5:30 AM and by 8:30 AM I had my shirt, in three hours.