ArtView January 2016 - Page 22

Interview by Simone Corletto Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is one of Australia's most popular and trusted science communicators, who is also known for his very colourful fashion sense. His latest book is Short Back and Science. Have you always had a distinctive approach to fashion? Ah, yeah. I think it began in kindergarten, when I was a little woggy kid in Australia, thinking, gee, it's hot here in Australia. Then I thought, if I‟m wearing shoes all the time, I sweat, an awful lot, and if you wear sandals your feet slip around, and you get sweaty that way. But if you wear socks and sandals, you minimise the sweat and you get comfort. So in kindergarten, I thought, what a wonderful, functional thing. I was entirely alone on that. My idiosyncratic fashion style continued and still continues today. Is the way you look and dress important to you? How we present ourselves to the world is an important part of our lives, it‟s who we are. In fact, clothing is one of the very first technologies that we had. At some stage along the evolutionary path we had a choice of having either more or less hair on our