ArtView January 2016 - Page 21

At this stage instinct is heightened and becomes paramount as I navigate my way around the canvas which has fast become a platform for a new adventure, incessantly calling and drawing me back to the studio. The focus becomes more and more intense; emotionally and physically consuming me until the painting resonates with a story of its own, finally releasing me from the process. The Bonfire (2014) is my largest work to date, at 4 m x 6 m. Over the years the natural environment has had a significant influence on my work. In the past I have explored the ‘sensation’ of it on a more abstract molecular level, where in my current series I feel the mark making has evolved and resulted in a more literal sense to visually capture the delicate, intricate elements and fine balance of Mother Nature herself… The foundational layers were very green. The work began as an enormous green landscape until I felt ‘a spark’ that excited me and caused my adrenalin to rush as I threw the red and yellow paint across the pretty surface, fast becoming the fire itself as I covered and consumed the landscape before me. These are the ‘sensations’ that ignite my soul and draw me back time after time into my studio and ‘down the rabbit hole’.