ArtView January 2016 - Page 13

Play: I’m a bit of a sucker for a well told tragic love story… and this is one of those. The tragedy is heavy and pretty perfect in this stage play… Romeo and Juliet Song/album: I keep looking for a better band, a better example of music and boundary pushing and I just keep coming back to this band… I likely always will… Abbey Road - The Beatles Concert: Jeff Buckley - Tweed Heads 1996. When Jeff released Grace I think most of us fell in love with it straight away. There was just a beautiful yearning in everything he did… both delicate at times and primal at others. So glad I had the chance to see him live before he passed away. Painting: Vincent van Gogh, Self Portrait. Honest, vulnerable… everything I want from art. Darren Middleton achieved great success as a guitarist and songwriter for iconic Australian band Powderfinger. He has since embarked on a solo career, charting his personal journey on his new album, Splinters. Book: New York Trilogy - Paul Auster. I read this a number of years ago and loved it instantly. I love it when a story is told from different angles, all intertwining. Film: There was something about the grit and simple weirdness of this movie that has stuck with me over the years. I did go through an art house movie stage in my life… and really need to go back! City of Lost Children TV show: There was a TV series that a friend suggested I watch… a little left of field, off the radar called Carnivale. Really well shot, acted and well plumbed characters. Poem: Most of Pablo Neruda's poems! I came across his work a number of years ago… once beautiful always beautiful. Quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. I believe Gandhi said something like this. The thing with favourite quotes is that they change daily!! This is for today though. Musical theatre: Grease. How can you not love this… it's fun, it's funny and has some amazing songs throughout! @Kitchenhead4