ArtView February 2016 - Page 17

Since this issue of ArtView was first published, the episode of the X-Files revival series which features Megan Peta Hill Founder’s Mutation - has been broadcast. Megan played the pivotal role of Molly Goldman, who makes a very powerful appearance at the climax of the story. Her performance in this episode strikingly displays the qualities that first brought her to our attention - her depth of talent, her dedication to her craft and her genuine screen presence. She succeeds in conveying such intense emotion in the climactic scene, simply through her expressive gaze. She makes Molly vulnerable as well as frightening. The viewer can sense the years of oppressive confinement that have led to her outburst of deadly rage. In an earlier scene where she struggles violently with the staff at the institution, she throws herself into the moment without restraint. Her talent for physical expression reflects years of training in the art of stage combat. This performance is in stark contrast to her role in Supernatural, playing a carefree college student. Viewers might have difficulty in recognising the same actress in both parts, such is the difference in their physical appearance and character - another sign of her versatile range as a performer. She has played many roles in historical or period dramas, and in costume she seems to have an old-world quality that belongs naturally to a past era. Yet she is also very convincing in contemporary roles, as seen in her outstanding performance in the award-winning short film Hummingbirds, as well as in the bleak futuristic world of Fell. One of her latest appearances was in The Magicians, as a student with otherworldly powers, proving that she is also at home in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. We first interviewed Megan for the May 2014 issue of ArtView. What became apparent from our conversation was her real commitment to the art of performance. She showed great insight and maturity in the way she discussed the requirements of this art. It was clear that she has studied her craft thoroughly. She is committed to it as a true vocation, not for the supposed glamour or superficial rewards of the industry. In the time since that interview Megan left Australia to pursue further opportunities for her acting career in Canada. It was a brave leap, which she made at the cost of considerable personal sacrifice, in separation from her home and family. We were very impressed with the dedication that she showed in pursuing her goals. It is the same dedication which she brings to all her work as an actor - and which has resulted in her having such remarkable international success in the time since she left Australia. As well as her roles on some highly popular television series, she has been cast as a lead in a number of feature films currently in production. Megan is certainly on her way to fulfilling the prediction we made that she would become a major presence in the world of film and entertainment. With her talent, commitment and unwavering work ethic, she seems destined to follow in the steps of other Australian actors who have achieved great success on the world stage - including performers such as Radha Mitchell, Naomi Watts and Cate Blanchett. - Adam Dean