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Transpatagônia Country: Patagonia Lenght: 60’00’’ Director: Cauê Steinberg Producer: Jade Stipp Copyright: Fábula Filmes Locations: Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego PLAY Synopsis Director’s Bio Without even knowing it, 50 years old adventurer Guilherme Cavallari has prepared himself all his life for this adventure – six months riding alone a mountain bike through Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, crisscrossing the frontier between Chile and Argentina dozens of times. Once on the road he realizes that the greatest challenge isn’t physical but psychological. Solitude, age, fear of pumas, lack of water, his fiftieth birthday in the middle of nowhere are some examples of the challenges along the way. Patagonia is famous for being one of the last frontier lands in the planet, isolated, inhospitable, inhuman, but also revealing and promising. The landscape, its people, its history, and all the roughness that characterizes it reveal themselves daily through the journey, unfolding layers upon layers of beauty and reality. In the end experiences and numbers pile up like dust blown by the fierce and famous Patagonian wind. 5,879 kilometers, 180 days, over 30 kilos of gear, many rivers forded, many mountains climbed, long stretches of desert crossed, and the certitude that no journey its greater than the inner journey, the one towards the soul. Cauê Seinberg, graduated from college in Communication at PUC-SP university. He began his career as a text editor on “Track magazine”, developed courses at “Casa do Saber” and published a children’s book, “A Day in the Life of Micaela”. Photography and video have always been his passions and in 2005 Cauê entered at “Paulista Television Network”, affiliated with “TV Cultura”, as editor and cameraman. And latter start hi work as a director.After that he worked in different productions company in São Paulo and since 2009 works as a cinematographer. Fond of sport, Cauê has worked on videos for companies like Red Bull, BMW, Discovery Channel, Brunoro Sport Business, Brazilian Basketball Confederation, Paulista Football Federation, Laureus Sports, among others.In 2011 he founded with Jade Stipp the production company “Fábula Filmes”. Today, with 32 years old (born in april, 14th 1982) he just finishes his first film, Transpatagonia, as a director. 99