ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 98

Time Country: Switzerland Lenght: 01’40’’ Director: Michael Fueter Producer: Yves Bollag Copyright: Stories Ag & Switzerland Tourism Locations: Switzerland PLAY Synopsis Switzerland Offers Almost Everything For The Perfect Winter Holidays. It Is Much More Than Only A Ski Resort. Switzerland offers almost everything for the perfect winter holidays. It is much more than only a ski resort. There are great hiking tracks, you can enjoy a fantastic panorama and there is a big variety of spa spots. The only thing that could remind you of your daily life are the clocks. Therefore we have decided to get rid of the clocks. Because we do everything for a relaxing winter holiday. “Participating in an international film festival is an excellent and very welcome opportunity for a national tourism organisation to increase its visibility on various different channels, be that through traditional or social media. A further positive side effect is that Switzerland is placed in the limelight as a tourist region.” “We are very proud to be among the winners at this festival. European awards like ART&TUR help us to attract attention in the European public sphere – and to approach potential guests from the continent.” Sandra Babey 98