ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 97

Three French Chefs in San Francisco Country: U.S.A. Lenght: 18’33’’ Director: Marc Tremblay Producer: Marc Tremblay Copyright: Mundoreporter Locations: San Francisco, California, USA PLAY Synopsis Director’s Bio Three French chefs living in United States since many years and operating restaurants in San Francisco. All starred by Michelin Guide. Chef Bruno Chemel of restaurant Baumé, Chef Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn and Chef Roland Passot of restaurant La Folie. With passion and emotion, they answer questions about French cuisine and gastronomy realities in California. 97 As an avid cave explorer, Marc Tremblay has been specialized in underground photography for almost 20 years. In 2009, he coproduced a 30 minutes documentary about a deep caving expedition in Mexico. He has been doing a number of reports ܈H][X[ۈوHZ[ ]YXX]BXZ[]\\ [[ KX\[YYBXX[Y[ܘ[\X]][[܈А”Y[P[YKHZ\ݙ\H\[][ۈ[H[ܘ\X[\X [\\[\[قY]\XX[H\ܞK[\K\ۛ^K\[]\K\\XX[\ܘ\H[ۙ]Y[[Y[[\Y]˂X\\Y[ݙ\[][[Y\XKYHقHTK\و\\]\H[\Y[[\[[Z][\\HH][ܘ\HˈH\\[Hܚ[ۈB]^[]H[ݚYHڙXۈ]ܛ[΂X[ۈ[YYK