ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 93

Terra Nostra Moments Country: Furnas, Portugal Lenght: 02’02’’ Director: Naveen Chaubal Producer: Ankush Jindal Copyright: Bensitur Sociedade Açoriana De Investimentos Turísticos, Lda Locations: Furnas, Portugal PLAY Synopsis 80 years ago was born in Furnas a unique place wakes up passions and emotions, which are ingrained in the heart of the island of São Miguel and its inhabitants, infecting all who visit with the feeling that will always come back, they will want to always another little of that unique moment that seemed to them too passenger to be real. Here become parents, children, grandchildren and grandparents. Here bind generations, here create’s emotional bonds so strong that only the return can ease the need there is in that moment. Here are created the most important moments of life, surrounded by an idyllic and totally amazing scenery. so are the “Terra Nostra Moments”. “...on the end of the day we have to be capable of create sensations on the viewers. Good sensations, some feelings and emotions that will lead the viewer to connect with our product/our destination. A tourism film must be able to tell a story at the same time that sell our experiences.” 93 “It’s a formidable acknowledge of our teamwork and the efforts that we put on our business. A tremendous accolade for those involved in the process of bringing them to life.” Antonio Brandão