ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 90

TAP Safety Video 70th Anniversary Country: Portugal Lenght: 03’52’’ Director: Rogério Boldt Producer: João Vilela & Ricardo Estevão Copyright: Tap Portugal Locations: Portugal PLAY Synopsis Director’s Bio We choose a group of 10 people aged 7-70 to take their first flight with TAP and we followed them on their journey to the airport. Rogério Boldt was born in Porto, the industrialized and charismatic city of the north of Portugal. Soon in my life I have started to develop a strong inclination to cinematography. My work reflects my origins to the extent whether I believe to be a flamboyant raconteur in life and, professionally, I very much enjoy directing actors. I began my career as a film editor and worked many years in post-production, commuting to London frequently to finalize my films in the best studios of that city. Major clients I have worked for, include the largest companies in the communication, banking, retailing and consumer goods industries. From the mid-90s, I have exclusively worked in directing commercials and I have ever since worked for the largest producers and advertising agencies in Portugal. Among others, my latest awarded job was “Portugal, the beauty of simplicity” in the Film, Art & Tourism Festival, Poland, gold in Tourfilm Riga 2012 and silver in New York World Best Film Awards “Tourism Film Festivals are an important contribution in promoting cultural and/or natural heritage of a country or a region. Additionally, these Festivals are great as they also give strong support and encouragement for creative and artistic productions.” “This award is the recognition of team work and effort and above all is the recognition that the “TAP Safety Video – 70 anos” goes beyond H\\[]X[H[[Y[HڙX\ۘZ]Y 'BTܝY[L