ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 9

Susana Ribeiro Journalist since 1998 has gone through newspapers (O Comércio do Porto, Jornal de Notícias), magazines (Time Out magazine, tentações magazine (Saturday), Notícias Sábado, DN Life, Viva+ magazine, JN Cidades, Volta do Mundo e Notícias Magazine) other publications (Guide American Express do Porto) and radio (Rádio Clube de Gaia , Rádio Manchete , Rádio Nova, Rádio Placard). Currently, besides founder and journalist of the website Viaje Comigo, collaborates with Evasões magazine and she’s also a reporter on the television show What’s Up – Olhar a Moda. In Vila Nova de Gaia, north of Portugal, the beaches go along 18 kilometers. They are one of the reasons why so many tourists look for this city when the weather is warmer. But it’s not the only attraction! In Vila Nova de Gaia you can also find the secular Port wine cellars, the local nature reserve of Douro Estuary, golf courses and two natural parks with animals to visit. But then again, that’s not just it! Take a look at Viaje Comigo suggestions of Vila Nova de Gaia. One of the most important things to visit is the Serra do Pilar Monastery. From here, and from Jardim do Morro, you can get an amazing sight over the Douro River and over the two cities: Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. From this point, you can also get a lift in the cable car to Cais de Gaia, where you can enjoy the view while sipping a glass of Port wine. In the fishing area of Afurada you can cross the river to the other bank in a traditional speedboat. Here you can also try fresh fish in a typical restaurant. You can seize the bike path that also has lanes for a bit of a running or just for a peaceful walk. This path will show you the entire river coast and also the ocean. So enjoy guide and suggestions: 1. Cais de Gaia A space with a big variety of restaurants, coffee shops, stores and bars. Privileged sight over Douro River and to Oporto city. 2. Senhor da Pedra Chapel Throughout Vila Nova de Gaia coast you will find a chapel that appears to be in the middle of the ocean... Well, it kind of is! It was built in 1686. 3. Grijó Monastery This monastery was inaugurated in 1547 and the first mass was celebrated in 1626. 4. Port Wine Cellars In Vila Nova de Gaia historical center, near Douro River, you will find the Port wine cellars in which you can try the famous nectar while unraveling its history, brought to us by the oldest wine demarcated region: Douro. 5. Serra do Pilar Monastery The church stands on top of an escarpment and that assures you an outstanding view over the Douro River. 6.Vila Nova de Gaia Cable Car The cable car takes off at Jardim do Morro station and goes to Cais de Gaia station. It’s 600 meters in a 5 minutes ride, more or less. 7. Corpus Christi Convent You can visit this chapel, near Cais de Gaia, from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm. The monastery was founded in 1345 and inside displays a row of chairs from the first half of the 17th century. Address: Largo de Aljubarrota, 13, Santa Marinha, Vila Nova de Gaia 9