ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 89

Sun Palace Albir - Series Country: Spain Lenght: 01’06’’ Director: Alberto Calvo Báez Producer: Alberto Calvo Báez Copyright: Creative Commons Locations: El Albir - Alicante, Valencia - Spain PLAY Synopsis Director’s Bio Sun Palace Albir starts a new stage after the trust that their customers have deposited on Sun Palace Albir. Now, they want to thank them with this video where a “rebel” couple enjoying a weekend like as anybody of us would do. He is an expert and videomarketing innovative businesses with several International awards Innovation and cinema. The experience is a degree and he is already more than ten years who has worked in the audiovisual and business, the same as you have led to develop a extensive training in the business world and the international marketing. Such is the passion he has that, although it is not alone in his road currently runs four business models international. “A Torurism film Festival it is very important for me because I need internacional visibility for my film company and this festival gives me the opportunity to show my job around the world.” Winning this awrad for me supposed to be between the best filmmakers around the world. Winning this award is overcoming a personal challenge and feel that I am not defrauding to my crew and my customers. Alberto Calvo Baéz 89