ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 85

Setúbal - European City of Sport 2016 (Apply) Country: Portugal Lenght: 12’43’’ Director: Sérgio Mateus Producer: Serviço Municipal de Comunicação e Imagem (SMCI) Copyright: CMS Locations: Setúbal, Portugal PLAY Synopsis The application of Setúbal to European City of Sports results from the enormous will this city has to do more, to grow more and constantly improve the offers to our citizens. Sports are a vital component of the municipal activity that has been improved and enlarged with the creation of big sports events such as the Sado Games and with the opening of the city to the hosting of important international tournaments, while benefiting from its own natural resources, particularly in the Bay of Setúbal. We want to go further! We wish to keep on treading the way that will make our city an important sports pole on national and international levels, that is why we take this (huge) step that is the application of Setúbal to European City of Sports fully aware of the work that is still ahead of us but above all with full awareness of our own potentialities and the ability of the citizens of Setúbal to take this ship to safe port. We fully believe in the quality of our application of Setúbal to European City of Sports because only a city of European dimension as Setúbal will be able to contribute in greater ways to the promotion of sports practice 85 “These sort of events allow us to take a closer look at what is coming out in the media to promote tourism generally, and, at the same time, to discuss new experiences and knowledge with people from all over the world, with a diversity of jobs within this area.” “In our specific case, and this is surely a common ideia, this award in the Art & Tur Ceremony has a very special meaning, particularly because the films we presented at the competition were produced entirely using our own resources, most of the time falling short from those used in production companies.” Sérgio Mateus