ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 83

Reabertura do Convento de Jesus PLAY Country: Portugal Lenght: 10’24’’ Director: Sérgio Mateus Producer: Câmara Municipal de Setúbal (SMCI) Copyright: Câmara Municipal de Setúbal Locations: Setúbal, Portugal Synopsis Video presented during the partial opening of the Convent of Jesus, held on June 20, 2015.The Church of the ancient Setúbal Convent of Jesus is situated in the lovely town of Setúbal, in Lisboa region, and is one of the greatest treasures of the region, and also one of the main Manueline style monuments in Portugal, classified as a National Monument. The Convent of Jesus building was founded in 1490 by the nursemaid of king D. Manuel the 1st: Justa Rodrigues Pereira. Afterwards, king D. João the 2nd orders the enlargement of the project, delivering it to Diogo Boitaca in 1494. In 1496 the Order of Poor Ladies was already installed in the Convent The lovely Gothic Church presents a sumptuous interior and was the very first attempt of an hall church in the Country, offering an union of the space, with the three naves with vaults with the same height, allowing an uniform illumination of the interior. The Church is famous for its lovely twisted columns built in one typical rock of this charming Arrábida region named “brecha”. This National Monument was bought in a high degradation point. In the past years a large restoration project has been held that, due to many contradictions and problems, has not been terminated yet, nor has any prediction to be finished. In t H۝[[\]\H]0[]\][H]\]\[Y\[KB ‚]\X\H8'YH\x'KH8'ܜ”[\H \]YH]\][x'H[H8'X\pH[XH]\][x'K\[[X[ۜš[H\\ܞK\Y[K\X]X[۝[\ܘ\H\\X\˂\Xܸ&\[•H۝[و\\H][ۘ[[۝[Y[YHXX܈[ܙH[XY\\]\Y]0[Y\H\][ۈوH\\BوZX[]][ۈ[\[[ۜYHH]Hق]0[ [Yو[H][YH\[[۞HXX]\H\وHZ[[[[H  MK[]YHY[]\XH\ܞHوH۝[و\\˂