ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 79

Perola do Indico II Country: Mozanbique Lenght: 44’93’’ Director: Paulo Henrique Rodrigues Producer: Televisao Miramar Copyright: Rede de Comunicacao Miramar Locations: Pemba, Mozambique PLAY Synopsis Director’s Bio The beautiful coast facing the Indian Ocean, the tropical climate, the diversity of fauna and flora, the ancient culture, and even the sympathy of a people who know hospitality. All this is Mozambique. All of this makes Mozambique a country with a strong tourist potential with urgency to be discovered and shared. “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” is a television program you want to show the world the nooks and charms of a country and its people and thus sharpen the curiosity of television viewer and boost tourism and the country’s economy. Inaugurated in 1999, TV Miramar has been operating on the market for 15 years as part of a communications network that includes Radio Miramar. Nowadays, TV Miramar is a popular communication channel known mainly for its innovative and differentiated character. It is an open signal channel available in all provincial capitals across Mozambique, as well as in Angola through TV Cabo. Miramar can also be seen through main pay television platforms and in Southern Africa via satellite. It is a generalist channel offering a wide range of programs. 79