ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 77

Olufuko Country: Namibia Lenght: 08’21’’ Director: Cecil Moller Producer: Pedro Mendoza Copyright: Namibia Tourism Board/New Mission Films Locations: Namibia PLAY Synopsis The Oshiwambo women are the symbol of life and their daily activities are the source of living. with many chores to sustain life, they gather fruits from indigenous trees, draw water from the oshanas and use customary tested methods and tools to catch fish. They gather in unity, engaging in dancing and singing. The clapping of hands and stomping of feet rejuvenate their souls and spirits. “The award is very important in all aspects: First it recognizes our hard working in producing the film, second, it promotes the destinations, the people and the cultures and it will also motivates us to work more harder” 77 “A Tourism Film Festival is really important in linking all factors that affect tourism and engaging the potential traveller as they now have an opportunity to see what they like before making a choice. For a film festival to be successful without just referring to its objective and missions its that it represents tourisms, the tourists and key players, that it becomes a venue where this 3 meets and connect.” Pedro Mendoza