ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 69

Mergulhos que despertam os sentidos Country: Portugal Lenght: 01’37’’ Director: Pedro Serra Producer: Pedro Serra Copyright: Câmara Municipal De Proença-A-Nova Locations: Proença-a-Nova (praias fluviais e Hotel das Amoras) PLAY Synopsis Surrounded by green, the five river beaches of Proenca-a-Nova are one of the county’s tourist attractions and born from the careful use of water lines that intersect. Ruiva Village, Alvito, Cerejeira, Malhadal and Fróia, the latter Beach With Golden Quality 2015 constitute the network of county river beaches that deserves a visit in hot weather but also during the other seasons, the natural beauty of the landscape. Surrounded by a green forest, the five inland ‘river beaches’ are one of Proenca-a-Nova’s must-see attractions and the place to be to escape the heat of a summer’s day. Ruiva Village, Alvito, Cerejeira, Malhadal and Fróia, the latest Awarded the quality the golden river beach in 2015, are worth a visit not only in summer but all year long for its stunning natural landscapes. Director’s Bio He studied filmmaking at the ETIC in Lisbon (2010) and started to work at the end of the first year, as a production assistant at Endemol Portugal. In 2012 he began working as a freelancer and made the first documentary short film “manducare”. In 2013, in addition to various 69 promotional videos and video clips that held, also produced a pilot episode for a documentary series titled “Nómadas de Hoje”. In 2014 debuts in feature films with the documentary “Que Estranha Forma de Vida”. “It’s a great opportunity to see what other companies and private and public institutions are doing to promote their main touristic assets.” Sónia Martins